The idea of “SP Calls” rises in 2010. At the time I was a University student with a huge passion for waterfowls hunting, that I used and I still use to practice upon the Po river. I needed resistant and functional calls suitable for my hunting, so I started to create them with some friends.

It took months to obtain the first piece that was definable as a real call. Starting from that point everything developed and evolved, until now: after 10 years of perseverance and dedication I keep on producing my handcrafted calls “SP Calls”.

In the following years technology helped me by allowing a restraint in material tolerance and an improvement in terms of sound precision, a special sound tailor made on the basis of the hunter’s requests.

It is important to underline that not all people have the same needs, and this is related to the specific hunting site in which the hunter is used to perform the activity. In other words, calls for hunting upon the Po river do not require the same features of the ones meant for waiting ducks at dawn and setting or for valley hunt or for artificial lake, from there comes the idea of the “custom-made sound”.

Another feature of SP Calls duck calls is the “Just Blow” concept which suggests the effortless employment: you do not need hypervibrations given by the ‘woot’ sound coming from your throat, instead the sound is already created by the call itself and is variable on the basis of a simple difference in pressure created by the blow.

The peculiarity of the “Just Blow” system is appreciable in particular in the mallard call that also has another special feature: it does not block because of humidity created by the blow, thanks to continuous technical improvements during the years.

SP calls today also offers special hand-crafted adaptations, such as personalized metal carvings on the ring of the call. You can choose the representation of what you prefer: a name, hunting scenes, faces, hunting dogs, as it was a rifle.

The wood choice for ‘the body’ of the call aims to be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also resistant, thanks to a coating application able to protect the call from humidity and salt water.

The insert of the SP Calls calls are entirely lathed and the employed material for their production is of the best quality. Then they are manually operated in order to obtain the sound specifically requested by the hunter.


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