My hunting is a research, the result of studying, in a profound relation with the places in which I used to go in my first years of licence: the shore of the Po, in Pavia, where I learned how much is important to follow the rhythms of nature, such as moon phases, weather, the level, the flow and the currents of the river.

I like combining my beloved decoy ducks and obviously I also use the calls that I produce.

I coined a term to define my passion for hunting upon the Great River which is ‘mal di Po’. It literally refers to the motivation that pushes me in cold, rainy and foggy days to reach my little place on that shore, in mud and humidity, whatever it takes and to be able to position the duck decoys without falling in one of the traps hidden by the river.

I put together the hunting hide disguising it with some branches that I usually find in the hunting site. I use to arrange the decoys in two well distinguishable groups on the sides of the field of fire and I also put 4 or 5 ducks. Then I wait there in the dim light of the early morning and, every now and then, I reproduce the singing of the teal or the chatter of the mallards… When it is morning, in general, I pay more attention in distinguishing the different species, that is not possible to see during the night because of the darkness, so I can use my calls in a specific way in order to attract wigeons, gadwalls, the rare pintails and coots.

The hunting upon the Po river is extremely stingy with its adepts and puts a strain on them, also physically. Sand from Po river is able to abrade all your equipment and spreads everywhere in your stuff, so much that you will easily find it around your home for the whole hunting season. The decoys in 2 years will be covered in sand. What about the calls? They need to be carefully kept in a special necklace, which is an important and personal accessory that allows to keep the calls clean also in humid and dirty conditions.

It is in those situations in which the SP Calls calls were born to resist to the adverse conditions of our hunting, the waterfowls hunting.


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